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053_World War I Memorial

World War I Memorial


Location: Washington DC

Status: Competition Submission, Summer 2015

Project Description:

Submerged deep within the World War I Memorial, at the intersection of sacrifice and honor, one understands the magnitude of that relationship—two outcomes at once antithetical and reciprocal. One wall extends valiantly into the landscape toward the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument, yet is fractured from its position of stature as if struck with a fatal blow. This results in a monumental land shift, allowing the visitor to inhabit the sunken threshold between triumph and tragedy. This is the place where all paths converge and space compresses. It also marks the Turning Point in World War I, where America enters the war and changes the course of our Nation’s history forever.

Looking to the East, light washes along the fractured Wall of Honor, yet fades to darkness along the earthen Wall of Sacrifice, which contains an embedded timeline highlighting events and tragedies of the war. To the West, General Pershing is enveloped in glass—an enduring presence watching over those who come to honor the men he led. As the sacrifices build and the timeline unfolds, visitors ascend from the earth to the meadow, a park full of life and hope.

As a memorial which honors a generation no longer with us, its mission is to highlight America’s foundations to advancement—sacrifice which brings honor, and honor which brings us hope and confidence for the future.  

Project Team:

Charles Jones, David Merlin, Robbie Mosby, James Catalano, Max Katz, Aurora Smith