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651 Richard St, Ste 2A
New Orleans, LA, 70130

(504) 507-0852



Location: Jefferson, LA

Project Size: 2,800 sf

Status: Complete

Project Description:

One to One was approached in the spring of 2015 by a private client to assist with the development of a residential prototype.  Angel Wings Group Home is the realization of the first prototype design and recently completed construction.  The design is oriented around a central living space flanked by the resident’s rooms on either side.  The form of the building allows for large clerestory windows to bring light into the central living area and large covered porches on the north and south ends of the building act as an outdoor extension of the main living space.  The project was developed to fit on a typical lot in the neighborhood and the plan can be re-configured quickly depending on the site and environmental constraints.

Project Team:

 Charles Jones, David Merlin, Matt DeCotiis, Aurora Smith