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041_Pimp Coat

P I M P   C O A T

Location: To be exhibited at Antique of Paris, a gallery space in New Orleans

Status: Complete

Project Description:

How can contemporary furniture utilize modern technology as well as celebrate traditional, local materials? Having been asked to create a series of furniture pieces for a private art collector in New Orleans, One to One looked towards the rich landscape of the South as the source of inspiration and supplier of materials for this project. Intended for display within a gallery setting, the “Pimp Coat” is the first of three furniture prototypes.


On the outskirts of New Orleans, the land is scarred from the long traditions of cypress harvesting. Seen from above, clean lines radiate into the swamp land--a product of the harvesting methods--creating a start contrast between manmade and natural. We decided to use a vertical slab of sinker cypress for the project, letting the organic geometry of the wood inform the design process. The live edge slab of sinker cypress is to be wrapped around an aluminum box--highlighting the contrast between the two materials. 

Project Team: 

Charles Jones, Mike Nesbit, David Merlin