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Tulane_Phlatness 2

P h l a t n e s s  2

Date: Spring 2015

Location: Tulane University School of Architecture

Status: Complete

Project Description:

As the sequel to the Phlatness Workshop conducted at Tulane University's School of Architecture one year earlier, the process focused on allowing objective information to become form itself. While the the first workshop hinted at using objective information, such as dimension strings, to counteract the layers of form within the drawings, this workshop was more concerned with the formal potential of data. After a series of operations transforming simple primitive geometries, a Grasshopper script was input into the design file, creating "clouds" of dimensions, representing the shell of the object. 

As technology advances it is imperative that architecture, or at least architectural theory, integrates the most modern tools into practice. Architecture must do its best to consolidate the current Zeitgeist, however fast-paced, short-circuited, data-driven it might be. These Phlatness drawings are a foundation to experiencing a fuller, more integrated environment.

Project Team:

Mike Nesbit, Robert Mosby, Charles Jones, David Merlin