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Tulane_Phlatness 1

P h l a t n e s s  1

Location: Tulane University School of Architecture

Status:  Complete, Fall 2013

Project Description:

“Phlatness,” a term coined by architect and designer, Mike Nesbit, is a study on the (mis)representation of three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional format. Where conveying space usually falls short with planometric and sectional drawings, “phlatness” drawings contain a multiplicity of information as they are condensed views of 3d objects.    

Put on in collaboration with Mike, this drawing workshop at Tulane University’s School of Architecture challenged notions of three-dimensionality through contemporary technology. Interested more in the precision of the process, rather than the output, this workshop pushed students to think about 3D modeling in terms of a series of operations. Over forty students participated in the workshop, and at the end, the “sweet sixteen” drawings were chosen for display in a gallery setting.

Drawing as “Built”

Is it possible for a drawing to be perceived as “built?” It is easy to treat drawings and buildings as autonomous and independent from each other, even sequential in their order. Yet, through a process of data overlay, we believe that a drawing itself is constructed and rich in layers. 

Project Team:

Charles Jones

Mike Nesbit

D E T A I L   O F   A B S T R A C T   T E C H N I C A L