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007_MTA Canopy

M T A   C a n o p y


Location: Manhattan, New York

Status: One of two canopies is complete. The second canopy is in its final phase of construction. Expected completion fall 2016

Project Description:

Working with facade consultants enclos and Optimum Designs, One to One was contracted to help detail and rationalize the glass paneling on two new subway canopies in New York. The canopies, designed by Toshiko Mori, are an integral part of the Hudson Yard Development project currently taking place in New York City. 

The superstructure consists of a large steel tube connected to the ground at three locations. Intermediary blade mullions span within the tube, adding support and providing an infrastructure to mount the glass panels. 

Project Team:

Toshiko Mori (Project Architect), enclos (facade consultant), Optimum Designs (Consultant), One to One (Consultant)