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L A C M A   C O M P E T I T I O N 

Location: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA

Status: Competition Submission, 2015

Project Description:

The project proposal is primarily an investigation between perception and the misrepresentation of information. In this case, the experience between user and the art within a controlled environment is both physical and digital. We propose to filter the experience of physical art pieces in LACMA by means of an augmented reality program delivered through a virtual headset. 

We wish to question the way contemporary culture observes, interprets, and assigns value to visual information. 


1. Select an art piece within a particular gallery space a LACMA. 

2. Digitally scan the entire gallery space as well as the art piece that occupies the space. 

3. Optimization of 3D scanned information. 

4. The art work's characteristics (geometry, color, texture, etc.) will be processed through the Phlatness Filter from every viewable angle within the gallery space. 

5. Once the entire environment is rendered it is then streamed to a virtual headset which allows the user to experience the art piece within the gallery space, in real-time, with the Phlatness Filter applied. 

Project Team:

Charles Jones, Mike Nesbit, David Merlin, Robert Mosby, Cole Herskowitz