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651 Richard St, Ste 2A
New Orleans, LA, 70130

(504) 507-0852



Completion Date:



Southern Louisiana

Project Description:

Highland Crossing Complex is a private residence located on the edge of a bayou that uses the concept of conceal and reveal to create a relationship between architecture and landscape.

The project is located in a heavily forested area on the edge of a bayou, far removed from the city. The entry sequence conceals the site at first and reveals the architecture on the approach. Upon entering the house, the experience is inverted, the architecture becomes concealed and the site revealed. The project consists of two primary walls that are organized perpendicular to one another and form the entertainment wing on the ground floor and the private wing on the second floor. These two walls form the boundaries of the motor court which is the first space in the conceptual sequence. As the building approach bends and emerges from the trees, the dramatic clearing of the motor court is marked by the architecture, a floating wall that conceals the private wing, the levitated mass, and a wall emerging from the earth that conceals the entertainment wing, the entry wall. The levitated mass spans 120 feet and displays light and shadow as the sun moves across the white, undulating precast panels. As you pass underneath it along the entry wall, the site is reveal through a serpentine curtain wall. The transparent curtain wall allows one to experience the site and the bayou throughout the home.

Project Credits:

+One to One Design Team

Principal in charge:
Bayne Dickinson

Project Manager:
Ray Zabala

Project Team: Libby Creim, Matt Decotiis, Jake Gamberg, Phillip Geiman, Emily Hayden, Robert Holford, Charles Jones, Max Katz, Joe Lantz, Troy LeGeaux, David Merlin, Robbie Mosby, Mike Nesbit, Evan Wagner, Ray Zabala

Landscape Architect
coming soon

Civil Engineer
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Structural Engineer
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MEP Engineer
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Geotechnical Engineer
In Progress


One-to-One-Highland Crossing Complex -Facade Drawing 02.jpg
One-to-One-Elevated Mass-Facade Drawing 01.jpg