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651 Richard St, Ste 2A
New Orleans, LA, 70130

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031_Capital One Canopy

C A P I T A L   O N E   C A N O P Y


Mclean, Virginia



Project Description:

Contracted by façade consultant Enclos Corp., Optimum Designs Inc. and One to One were hired to assist in the design phase by performing various types of analysis on  an entrance canopy for Capital One’s new headquarter building in Virginia. In addition to rationalizing the complex geometry with parametric programs such as Grasshopper through design assist we are now finalizing shop drawings to submit for fabrication.

The structure is composed of four main elements: the masts which are the canopy’s vertical supports, the pipes which frame the form, a system of blade mullions which support the glass, and the glass itself. Our investigation revealed that the original geometry was unacceptable at specific locations where angles of connection became too extreme. One to One worked closely with Enclos to solve these issues and streamline the superstructure. 

Project Team: 

HKS Architects (Project Architect)

Enclos Corp. (Facade Consultant)

Optimum Designs Inc. (Structural Consultant)

One to One (Fabrication & Technology Consultant)