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651 Richard St, Ste 2A
New Orleans, LA, 70130

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B L O O M 

Location: Mid-City, New Orleans, LA

Status: Competition Submission 2015

Project Description:

This competition entry for an art installation in Mid-City, New Orleans, put on by the New Orleans Art Council, is a fully integrated proposal that uses principles from the Dutch Dialogues and Green Street movements and marries them into both an artistic and urban vision of the Lafitte Greenway. The project reflects, literally and metaphorically, New Orleans' everlasting relationship with water, begging for introspection among the masses and the individual.

In material terms, Bloom is a project made of three elements. The first, ‘Bloom,’ is a highly polished, reflective vessel that is the focal point and namesake for our entire proposal. The second element, ‘Berm,’ is a Corten steel-faced and vegetation backed buffer zone between the surrounding streets and ‘Basin’, the third element. The ‘Basin’ is a gently sloping, permeable, and heavily textured vegetated bioswale.

In functional terms, our central figure, Bloom, is a large cistern that collects water for the surrounding Basin/bioswale. The Basin slopes gently down behind the Berm/Buffer toward the central Bloom. Together, the parts of our project form Bloom, positively making manifest the reclamation of our environment by turning a residual parcel of urban land into a verdant, living wetland. Bloom reveals the effects of water by using it as a catalyst to affect changes in the landscape. Bloom reveals the power of water by harnessing it in vast quantities that will feed the vegetation, mark the steel, and form islands in the basin.

Project Team:

 Charles Jones, David Merlin, Robert Mosby, Matt Decotiis, Laurel Porcari