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651 Richard St, Ste 2A
New Orleans, LA, 70130

(504) 507-0852

095_District Elmwood





Harahan, LA



Project Description:

In a region, rich with food culture, this new shop reinforces the client’s commitment to equally elevating staff and patron experiences. The constant exchange of activity between dining and kitchen creates an environment like no other in the city.  District Donuts asked for a space that was open, welcoming, and engaging for their new location in Elmwood, LA.  In response, the design was developed to respond to these requirements through open space planning, theatric lighting, ornamental finishes, and well-crafted furniture. The center piece is a communal table that is designed to function as a surface for dining in addition to shaping circulation to and from the kitchen for both staff and patron.  Also, marking the intersection between the kitchen and the dining area, the center table creates a dramatic atmosphere using direct and indirect light. A central exhaust hood marks another important focal point for the patron experience and serves as the primary organizational element for the kitchen. Throughout the kitchen, the ceiling plane is manipulated by the intersection of the hood and drink dispenser reinforcing the prominence of these items in the day to day operations of the restaurant. Natural and locally sourced ingredients line the back walls of the kitchen providing transparency to patrons and ease of access to staff members throughout the day.

Project Team:

 Charles Jones, David Merlin, Matt Decotiis