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3962 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA, 70115

(504) 507-0852


W H A T   W E   D O  


One to One Design, an award-winning New Orleans based multi-disciplinary design firm, offers a range of services including full-service design, design consulting, technology consulting, façade consulting, and constructability analysis., and has a diverse portfolio of work including education, cultural, healthcare, office, residential, and retail projects. Principals Charles Jones and David Merlin believe in leveraging technology to enhance the design process. Their innovative techniques of data management, documentation, analysis, prototyping, and visualization allow them to test ideas efficiently and to discover unique design opportunities that might typically be overlooked in projects because of time and budget constraints. 

W H A T   W E   believe

-Creative Endeavors should never be separated from the act of making

-Institutional knowledge should challenge the use of technology to shape our environment

-Promote collaboration across design fields

-Leverage technology to facilitate design process, communication, and documentation

-Promote awareness of architecture and design through non-profit volunteer work, academic workshops, and fabrication research



ADDRESS : 651 Richard St | Suite 2A |  New Orleans, La. | 70130